Introducing PORUS NATURALS, hair care products that solve the most significant problems facing natural hair textures today. We're excited to share our 100% pure, organic and potent hair care products with the curly and coily hair community.

We are a black-owned Canadian company with roots from Jamaica. Our focus is to provide our customers with 100% organic products that are made using the traditional methods of Jamaican farms. We believe that it is our responsibility to stimulate the economy of our country's small farmers. Your valued business supports our efforts, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Our products contain 100% pure, organic and potent ingredients to give you BOMB curly hair. Our Jamaican Black Castor Oil is actually from Jamaica and is approved by the fair trade regulators in the island. 

Our black castor oil is actually made directly in Jamaica from castor beans that are locally farmed in Clarendon. We do not dilute, add salt or mass produce our oil; it is carefully hand-crafted and placed in amber glass bottles to preserve its purity and potency. 

We only bring the best to you and your hair will thank you for it!

We're excited to join you on your natural hair journey & to celebrate our hair for what it is: down right gorgeous!